Where does he get those wonderful toys?

Taylor Guitars - DAdarrio Strings

  • Taylor 710CE

    This is my favorite acoustic guitar that I own, hands down. Indian Rosewood, forward shifted bracing, and the expression System. This thing sounds huge and plays like a dream. This has become my main guitar so if you come to a show anytime soon, unless I break a string I'll play the whole show on this bad boy.
  • Taylor DN8

    This is a beautiful guitar and it sounds amazing. I use this mostly in the studio and at home because I don't want to beat it up. I did take it on the road when I toured with my sister Jessica Lea Mayfield for the Sibling Rivalry Tour. we played on microphones for that tour and this guitar really shines unplugged. Sitka Spruce top, Indian Rosewood back and sides.
  • Taylor DN3 (Pair)

    This is the guitar that started my love affair with Taylor. I was on a exhausting hunt for the right guitar at an affordable price to take on the road and this was the first thing I came across that felt like a much more expensive guitar. I have two of these that I played exclusively for almost 3 years. I fitted mine with double black and double white J-45 pick guards for fun. I have different pickups in these because at the time I was leery of the expression system. Now I'm kicking myself because I wish I had it in them too. It's pretty amazing.
  • Taylor GS MIni

    I love this little guy. Great for traveling. I have written many songs on this guitar and even used it when I filmed "Songs From the Road" in California.
  • Taylor Custom Classic Solid body

    This an electric guitar that I designed, and Taylor built for me. There Classic body, very nice sound and great playability! Trans Red, 2 Vintage Alnico Humbuckers, Tortoise pickguard, & a Bigsby tailpiece.
  • Strings!!!!!

    I use the D'Addario EJ17's They are by far my favorite strings of all time! I also use the D'Addario Chrome Flat-wound strings on all my electrics guitars and basses.
  • NS Artist Capo

  • Fender baritone Telecaster

    What can I say? Spaghetti western, spooky mood maker, and honky tonk tick tac, I love a baritone guitar. MIne is tuned B to B.
  • Fender Blues JR

    15-Watt Tube Combo. Anything bigger and you might be compensating for something.
  • Fender Acoustasonic sfx

    This is my newest toy, I picked it up at Fanny's House of Music in East Nashville. It's nice to have consistency on stage so I use this as an acoustic monitor. Its pretty cool and quirky. Some built in digital effects and its stereo and has a speaker facing the side, so it help to fill the stage with sound!
  • Pedal Board

    I have a large collection of pedals at my studio and enjoy experimenting there however, my live pedal board is fairly simple. Guitar goes into: Boss tuner - Boss FV-50L volume pedal - AB Switch from there the A signals goes into a Radial DI box out of that to both my Acoustisonc amp and the PA Sytem. Then, the B signal goes into: Modified Boss Blues Driver - Custom Elktronics "The Rut" fuzz pedal - Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb - to the Blues Jr amp